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The Vintage Selection

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Lady Betty

A 125-year-old British maiden at her best

Vintage Selection

Persons: 12

Lenght: 10,30 MT

Year: 1894

Hybrid Engine

Lunch on board

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Originally used as an Admiral’s launch, this ship was built in England in 1894 under the reign of Queen Victoria and has become the oldest floating ship in Venice! Before moving to Venice in 2019, the majestic former steamboat was completely restored by Dennett Boat Builders

on the Thames and converted to hybrid propulsion. This enables you to enjoy the silence of electric propulsion without losing the capability and secureness of a new Perkins Diesel engine as a backup and allowing more power where ever needed.

Sail with Lady Betty

Sweet Molly

A love story shaped into a boat

Vintage Selection

Persons: 8

Length: 9,50 MT

Year: 1938

Power: 160 HP

Lunch on board

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This gorgeous motorboat, built in 1938 in Sweden and designed by Carl Gustav Pettersson, was built out of Honduras mahogany planks on oak frames and combines pure elegance and beauty with astonishing history.

A real eye-catcher from a time when the design language was not driven solely by functionality. The dream boat for wedding couples.

Sail with Sweet Molly


The Italian style

Vintage Selection

Persons: 12

Length: 15,30 MT

Year: 1968

Power: 2 x 435 HP

Fully equipped

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Built by one of Italy’s leading shipyards, Cantiere di Pisa, after a design by the renowned architect Pier Luigi Spadolini, this yacht from 1968 represents a highlight of Italian yacht design. She represents the end of an era when yachts of this size were still made of wood. The hull was built of three-layer diagonally laid mahogany, a masterpiece of boat building.

Also, the interior shows many original design details of the 60s. Despite her age, she offers considerable comfort, such as full air-conditioning, showers, etc. As she has cabins for up to 6 people, she can also be chartered for several days.

Sail with JANDONA


Riva Super Florida

Vintage Selection

Persons: 5

Length: 6.07 MT

Year: 1968

Power: 230 HP

Lunch on Board

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The name Riva says it all in motorboat sophistication and prestige.
This boat built in 1968 is refined example of the fine craftsmanship

produced by the famous Riva “Cantiere di Sarnico”. A fantastic boat for weddings or just a luxurious cruise in the Lagoon.

Sail with Chiara

San Mauro

Riva Rudy

Vintage Selection

Persons: 4

Length: 5.90 MT

Year: 1972

Power: 190 HP

Lunch on Board

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A one of a kind boat from Riva built in 1972. This boat offers a sporty opportunity to have fun in the lagoon with the style that Riva is known for.

The classic vintage interior with an engine that roars with class makes it the perfect boat for a day tour in the Lagoon.

Sail with San Mauro

Tre Soi


Electric engine

Persons: 6

Lenght: 7,50 MT

No license needed

Power: 4 KW

Lunch on board

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Tre Soi is an original Venetian ‘Sanpierota’, built in a traditional way out of three different timbers, handmade in the lagoon. Originally used as a fishing boat, Sanpierotas were also able to sail.

Tre Soi has been completely refurbished. The boat has been equipped with a comfortable bench and is powered by the noiseless Torqeedo® electric 4 KW engine.

Sail with Tre Soi
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