Venice Private Boat Tour

Many people dream of visiting Venice once in their lives and to see this majestic city from a boat. One of the joys of coming to Venice is to experience all the unique canals from a boat. In the age of mass tourism, unique experiences throughout the world can become harder to come by as the demand shifts towards bringing large groups from area to area. In Venice this kind of tourism dilutes the beauty of really enjoying the beauty of a city with over one thousand and six hundred years history.

Visiting Venice for the first time can be overwhelming as there is so much to see and you would be wise to book more days into a good hotel to truly enjoy the city. Venice and the lagoon have over one hundred twenty islands to see. Each island is distinct and has its own history. For example, a visit to the island of Sant Erasmo you will find beautiful farms growing artichokes and a vineyard which is home to the local winery Orto. A stop at San Francesco del Deserto will display a hidden spiritual oasis in the middle of the Northern lagoon where six Franciscan monks live in a monastery. Legend has it that Saint Francis of Assisi also stayed on the island for a short time. You could also head for the southern lagoon and visit the San Lazzaro degli Armeni, where Armenian monks have had a monastery there since the 1700s. The monastery boasts an impressive museum which includes, ancient art and artifacts from all over including an Egyptian mummy. There is also one of the most impressive libraries in the world that has over 150,000 books as well as over 30,000 books printed in Europe before the 1800s.

If art and history are not your thing, you can stop at Lido for a swim and a cocktail. Lido has a variety of beaches from free public beaches to private and more upscale beaches where you can rent a sunshade, chairs and have use of showers and the bathroom. What is the best way to see all these amazing places if your time is limited in Venice? Even if you have the luxury to stay in Venice for one week, it will not be enough time to see everything that the city has to offer. If you really want to take in as much as possible, we recommend a Venice private boat tour.

Choosing a Venice private boat tour

Choosing a Venice private boat tour on a classic boat is always a brilliant option as you have the freedom to enjoy Venice and see places in Venice that most tourists do not get to see. When you are on a Venice private boat tour, you will be able to avoid lines and dictate in calm to your local captain where you would like to go without stress. One of the joys of hiring your own boat in Venice is that smaller boats unlike the big mass tourism boat tours, is that you can visit truly hidden spots in Venice. On some Venice private boat tours, the captains can arrange experiences that include wine testing on islands like Mazzorbo or Sant Erasmo. Visit wonderful restaurants where locals eat in Torcello.

Often most private boat tours, come included with prosecco, wines, drinks and cicchetti and luxury boats sometimes even have refrigerators and bathrooms on board. If you are unsure what to see or what you might be interested in, travel managers at private boat tour companies in Venice can you help you design the perfect day to understand what you might like. Also, certain boats will give you a different experience in Venice. For example, if you just want to cruise in the lagoon and in the basin of San Marco, then a classic wooden Riva motorboat might be more your taste. However, if you want to enjoy a meal on board cooked by a local Michelin starred chef using local ingredients then a classic yacht or a bigger vintage fishing boat with a kitchen on board could be the right option for you.


More sporty options can also include a combination of cooking and eating on board after kayaking or SUPing with an expert guide. If you are in Venice, you should treat yourself to all that this wonderful city has to offer and there is no better way to create an unforgettable travel experience by booking a private boat tour in Venice. If you are interested in booking a Venice private boat tour, click below for more information.

Written by JP Morselli

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