Valentine’s Day in Venice 2023 - Top 10 Things to Do

Valentine’s Day in Venice perhaps the most romantic time to be in the most romantic city in the world. Does it get any better than singing Gondoliers, passing through cozy, beautiful canals as opera echoes around the delicately lit alleys?

If you are looking for the perfect trip for Valentine’s Day, then Venice is your place.

Paris certainly holds up but walking through the city of water, enjoying a boat ride through the lagoon has just that extra touch of perfection in experiences when shared with your partner. Venice has it all. You have luxurious hotels, like Belmond Hotel Cipriani’s, San Clemente Palace and the Hotel Danieli.

There are also amazing restaurants throughout Venice, bringing modern techniques with classic flavors. Whether it is a Michelin level prepared meal or just a rustic local meal you will find it in Venice.

Many people that come to Venice wonder what are things we can do on Valentine’s Day? We got you covered with our top 10 list of things you must do during your stay on Valentine’s Day in Venice.

The Top 10

1. A Gondola Ride for Two through the Grand Canal

Okay, this was easy, what trip to Venice isn’t complete without the obligatory journey aboard the traditional Venetian boat the Gondola? It is the perfect activity for couples to immerse themselves in the overwhelming beauty that is Venice.

Also, the Gondoliers themselves are quite charming. The whole activity should cost you around 80 Euros for 30 minutes.

2. A night at the opera

Venice was at one point the center for opera and classical music. It only makes sense to take in opera at the stunning Teatro La Fenice. Just walking inside the theater is worth the price of admission. Add a beautiful opera on top of the architectural splendor makes this the perfect activity on Valentine’s Day in Venice. Check on their website, for upcoming events.

3. Drive yourself through the Lagoon of Venice

Be a Venetian and captain your own boat through the Lagoon of Venice. Visit the team at Classic Boats Venice on the island of Certosa and rent out one of their handcrafted traditional Venetian boats. Each boat is equipped with an electric engine. This is perfect on that romantic date when you don’t want to hear an engine. Each boat comes equipped with a pre-programmed GPS. They also provide a Bluetooth speaker to play all those romantic tunes on your Spotify playlist or just ask Classic Boats Venice for their playlist. Having your own boat, you will be able to visit romantic islands like Burano, Murano and Sant’Erasmo. Visit their website here to book your electric boat.

4. Eat Some Frittelle

Frittelle is the perfect yummy delicious, sweet Venetian dessert that can only be eaten during Carnevale. This special Venetian treat is wonderful for Valentine’s day in Venice as it is lightly fried and is then filled with cream or without. They are perhaps even better than donuts! For fun try all the flavours as a fun, romantic indulgence with your partner. There are a variety of flavours which include the simple but delicious Veneziane. Chocolate cream, Cream, Custard, Apple and Zabaglione. Visit our favorite pastry shops: Didovich, Tonolo and Dal Mas.

5. Tour on the oldest working boat in Venice

The oldest working boat in Venice is a boat called Lady Betty. Built in 1894 in England, was once a part of Queen Victoria’s fleet. The cool thing about this boat is that it is also one of the oldest electric boats in the world. A beautiful boat which can fit up to 10 people, is also a perfect boat for couples to visit the Lagoon of Venice in a sophisticated way aboard a classic boat. Lady Betty can be seen on the island of Certosa. Visit Classic Boats Venice website for booking this one of a kind boat.

6. Wine Tasting with excellent Venetian Tapas

When you are in Italy you need to have wine. Not only is it good but it is an art when drunk the way the Italians do it. This activity is a wonderful Valentine’s Day event. When good Italian wine is paired with Venetian tapas known as Cicchettis it becomes a whole new experience. Cicchettis come in all varieties and are little gateways to Venetian cuisine. Often served on toasted bread and topped with various ingredients which can include, marinated anchovies, various seafood, local cheeses and cured meats makes drinking the variety of wines much more enjoyable. For such an experience we recommend our friends at All’Amarone. This place has an in-house sommelier, with the most delicious wine and cicchetti in all of Venice.

7. Get Lost At Night

There is something to be said about tossing the guidebook in a city of Venice. One of the great joys of Venice is getting lost in her beauty especially on Valentine’s Day. Head for the Rialto Bridge, then head through San Marco’s, head towards Strada Nova then turn towards Fondamenta della Misericordia, walk towards Nuovo Ghetto and find yourself on the backside of Cannaregio. The streets are quiet at night making it the most romantic time to see the city. It also gives you another perspective of the entire city especially when the stars are out. Sounds like the backdrop to a movie. We recommend not using Google maps if you get lost use a traditional fold up map. Also, don’t forget to dress warm!

8. Rent a Costume

Valentine’s Day in Venice falls right in between Carnevale. What a wonderful way to join in the festivities with your partner by jumping back in time and renting a traditional Carnevale costume. You can rent a costume and walk to Rialto then to San Marco as the photos click away. It is an exciting and elegant experience. The best place to rent out a traditional Carnevale costume would be from Nicolao Atelier. This sophisticated shop, can be found on Fondamenta della Misericordia. Visit their website to make your booking and also to browse their amazing attire. You will also see some notable costumes they have made for Academy Award winning films like Shakespeare In Love.

9. Dance in San Marco Square

Sounds peculiar but this is a very real thing. There are always small classical three- or 4-piece bands that play at cafes in order to attract customers. Usually, the bands try to be louder than the other. This musical marketing although funny can also be a romantic way to enjoy Venice. Head to the square after 19:00 and as the bands start playing take your partner’s hand for a dance. After, you be the judge of which band was better and head into that café for a warm drink.

10. A Touch of Color

Take a boat or tour to Burano, a beautiful island of colorful houses nestled in the back of the Venetian Lagoon. This lovely island is commonly known as the fishermen’s island. But Burano has so much to offer and must be experienced from its traditional cookies (Bussolai, Bussolà and Buranelli), to the beautiful seafood risottos and the lovely handmade lace. When visiting Burano make a lunch reservation at the wildly exciting Gatto Nero. Delicious local Burano and Venetian dishes cooked by a local make Gatto Nero one of the best places in Venice to eat. After, visit a local lace maker and see how this sophisticated art has become a part of the Burano history. Visit the lace museum in the beautiful center of the island and Martina Vidal lace shop.

No matter how you decide to spend your Valentine’s Day in Venice, coming to Venice for the day will leave unforgettable memories for both you and your loved one.

Image Credits: Belmond Hotel CiprianiGreta’s TravelsMy Venice Apartment

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