Half Day Lunch & Swimming Tour


Eat a delicious lunch on board & then enjoy a swim in lagoon of Venice

The Lagoon of Venice, with its varied landscape, it’s famous islands like Lido and Poveglia or it’s more hidden corners, is linked to the cultural history and beauty of Venice.

  • The Tour: Starting from Certosa, passing through the Basin of San Marco heading past the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, then towards the island of San Servolo, up past the island of the island of la Grazia, and driving past the beautiful islands of San Clemente, San Servolo and Rose. We will then anchor the boat in front of the island of Poveglia where you can swim and enjoy a wonderful 3 course lunch, which includes a seasonal appetizer, seasonal pasta dish and a dessert. From here you can see the wonderful island of Lido.
  • Price 160.00 per person.
  • Only on Tuesdays from 11:00- 15:00
  • Tour starts and ends on the island of Certosa.
  • Stops and sightseeing: Anchor at Poveglia, Lunch on board at anchor in Poveglia.
  • Catering: Lunch, Snacks and Water on board; Wine and soft drinks on request.
  • Boat: Nobody’s Perfect
  • Optional Extras: Soft drinks, wine and prosecco

The Boat

Tour Highlights



Enjoy a beautiful seasonal lunch cooked by a chef on board while you swim.

Beautiful Settings

See the magic of the southern lagoon while passing next to unique islands.

Onboard Safety & Insurance

For sailing without worries, while relaxing and enjoying an unforgettable tour.