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Electric Boat Tour Through the Lagoon with Driver

2 Hour Natural Cruise – WITH DRIVER

The Northern Lagoon

Guests can cruise through the lagoon in a sustainable way on our traditional Venetian Boat equipped with an electric engine. Your kind driver will lead you through hidden parts of the lagoon unseen by many tourists. See hidden islands, beautiful nature and wildlife. This experience gives guests a quick and fun view of the Venetian lagoon.

2 Hours


  • Tour Includes: All cruises and tours include drinks, snacks and water.
  • Catering: Snacks and Drinks on board; “Italian Snack Box” on request.
  • Optional Extras: Opera Singer, Private Tour Guide, Private Photographer on Board.
  • Boat: Our boat is a Venetian wooden boat, with a sunshade, bench, cushions and powered by an electric engine.

Route & Description

On this sustainable electric boat tour, we will drive you through hidden and beautiful parts of the lagoon of Venice. Your Tour will start from the island of Certosa or Sant Elena, guests will pass Lazzaretto Nuovo, Sant’ Ersamo, Vignole, Certosa.

Tour Highlights


A sustainable and eco-friendly way to see hidden islands of the Venetian Lagoon. You will be able to enjoy a traditional Venetian boat alone without crowds of people on lines.

Luxury Boats

An expert driver.

Multilingual Guides (Extra)

To help you live a tailor-made experience and discover the secrets of the lagoon.

Onboard Safety & Insurance

For sailing without worries, while relaxing and enjoying an unforgettable tour.

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