A Special Proposal in Venice

Venice, what can you about the most interesting and unique city in the world that hasn’t already been said, by far better writers than us. We will leave the superlatives and description to writers like Ernest Hemingway. One thing that we can all agree on is this, Venice is beautiful. With beauty comes numerous possibilities for planning exciting memorable, romantic events, like weddings, honeymoons, Valentine’s Day trips, birthdays, anniversaries and of course wedding proposalsVenice is the perfect setting for a wedding proposal. From amazing sunsets set against a backdrop set in time with enchanting buildings to getting lost in hidden canals on the Lagoon from the comfort of your own boat. The whole experience is just like a fairy tale.

Getting Engaged in Venice

There are so many incredible places to get down on one knee and pop the big question. But before singing Bruno Mars, “I think I wanna marry you!” like a happy romantic freak, you got to get some advice from people who have already done it. Below we asked a couple who recently just got engaged in Venice in the Lagoon, on the boats from Classic Boats Venice. To say the least their answers about the whole experience is romantic and touching. They wanted to be somewhere that was off the beaten track and away from the crowds of tourists in Venice. The lovely couple in question are Pascal Studer and Carola Hagen from Switzerland. Pascal wins the award for the most romantic fella we have met and Carola’s reaction was pretty epic.

We asked them 5 questions about their experience, and we hope it helps out future couples planning their wedding proposals here in Venice;

Why did you decide to get engaged in Venice?

Because of the beauty of the city and the feeling that it is the right moment.

What did you plan?

I planned to have a little picnic with prosecco and then to have a quick stop with the boat in front of Venice and by sunset to ask “the question”.

Why did you choose to get engaged on a boat?

My fiancée loves water and being on a boat. Our sailing turn in the Caribbean Sea back in February in mind I wanted to rent a boat which I am able to “drive”. Another reason is that I wanted like to have this moment alone together which seems to be impossible in the city.

Describe your experience

I really enjoyed staying on your boat (Classic Boats Venice) and having time to get to know Venice from another point of view. I loved following the waterways, seeing different kind of birds and most of all the dramatic sunset over Venice when we returned from Burano.

The warm hospitality of you and your team before and after the boat ride was on top of everything and made our day even more special. I would be more than happy to recommend Classic Boats Venice to everyone who wants something special and memorable for a lifetime.

Was it how you imagined it? Was it positive?

Yes and absolutely yes.

I always hoped to be proposed in a private environment and that was just perfect the way it was. As Pascal mentioned I am totally into the water-element, I love diving, swimming, sailing. So he chose something unforgettable and perfectly suitable for me. I really appreciated that. This short get-away was the most perfect Sunday afternoon you could imagine. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It was certainly an incredible experience for the team at Classic Boats Venice. Pascal and Carola are back home planning their wedding and we look forward to hearing about where their romantic journey will take them. Hopefully, back to Venice for a Honeymoon.

Classic Boats Venice has already this year had over 15 wedding proposals on their boats. CBV is always delighted to provide the ultimate romantic Lagoon experience in Venice. If you need timings, photographers, food, opera singers on board, prosecco or decorations. Their team is ready to go the extra mile to ensure your experience is an unforgettable one on their classic boats. Below you can see a wedding proposal with Classic Boats Venice aboard Lady Betty with a live Opera singer on board.

Classic Boats Venice and their team on Certosa Island are ready to welcome you aboard their boats to see Venice, the way they see Venice, all on their Classic Boats.

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