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Self Drive Electric Boats

No License Needed

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Electric Boats for Rental

Vignole & Sant’Erasmo






  • Head for one of the main entrances on your self drive electric boat, where the water of the Lagoon and the open sea meets, while you pass from Lido to Sant’Erasmo.
  • Navigate through numerous of small island leaving Isola del Lazzaretto Nuovo on your left following all the length of Sant’Erasmo.
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The Venetian Day Trip






  • Head for one of the main entrances on your self drive electric boat, where the water of the Lagoon and the open sea meets, while you pass from Lido to Sant’Erasmo.
  • Navigate through numerous of small island leaving Isola del Lazzaretto Nuovo on your left following all the length of Sant’Erasmo.
  • From far you can already see the famous-coloured houses of Burano and the ancient tower of Torcello’s Basilica, the oldest church in the Lagoon.
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Boat Details

Electric Outboard

Torqeedo® Engine

Torqeedo Engine
Fully Electric Motor: Reliable Cruise motors with powerful lithium batteries.
GPS system
Lowrance GPS system with preprogrammed routes

Handcrafted, proudly made in Venice

Our Classic Boats

Bathing Ladder
Sun Cover
Water, cups, towels, a sun mattress in the bow, JBL® Bluetooth speaker and a bench with cushions.


Terms & Conditions for self drive electric boats with no license

Classic Boats Venice meet all the demands for maritime safety; therefore no one boards our boats without the instruction from one of our Customer Agents.

Life jackets are included in the rental price and come in all sizes; also for the smallest of captains.

  • ID with picture must be shown.
  • The person operating the boat must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The customer takes over full responsibility for the boat and equipment.
  • The customer and anyone operating the boat have read and understood the following rules.
  • The renter assumes full responsibility and is liable if the vessel, engine, and equipment are not returned in the same condition as when the rental period began.
  • In case of extensive damage to the boat, engine or other equipment, the renter is obliged to pay an excess of up to 200, – €.
  • In the event of collision with another boat, which is docked or sailing, it falls upon the renter to contact the owner of said boat and resolve any matters of indemnity.
  • It falls upon the renter that the boat is operated in accordance with the current rules of navigation.
  • The boat may not be taken beyond Lido Island or into Venice City Centre (Main Island). The boat may never be left unsupervised, unless explicitly agreed upon with the lessor or on reserved and designated spots.
  • Always keep as much distance as possible to other boats.
  • We encourage everyone to wear life jackets while sailing. Life jackets may not be used while bathing.
  • Trash may not be thrown in the water.
  • It falls upon the renter to notify the lessor in case of delays that result in your return being any later than closing time. Failing that, and if the lessor deems it necessary to mount a search, any related expenses will fall upon the renter.
  • The renter is not liable in case of cancellations made by the lessor due to weather or a missing boat due to theft or the like. Rent and any deposits will naturally be refunded in such cases.
  • The lessor can at any time deny or discontinue the rental, if rental is deemed irresponsible, or if the above rules are not adhered to.
  • The boats may not be used for commercial purposes without explicit permission from Classic Boats Venice.
  • The Charterer must promptly notify the Owner of the withdrawal by email. Notify us with at least 48-hour notice of cancellation to the reservation.
  • If the client is unable to make the date and time of their booking, CBV will be happy to change to another date and time 24 hours prior to the booking and if the driver’s availability and CBV’s booking situation allows. A change to another day or time prior 24 hours before departure is possible, against a surplus charge of 5 % of the charter fee.
  • The amount of 95% shall be refunded prior to 48 hours of the booking. CBV is not obligated to refund any amount after 48 hours. If the client has not notified us prior to 48 hours of the cancellation CBV is not obligated to refund any amount.
  • In case of bad or extreme weather the total amount shall be refunded or credited for another date, based on the opinion of the CBV staff.
  1. It is the responsibility of the Charterer to steer the boat correctly (instruction performed prior to sailing).
  2. the boat is not allowed to go into open waters or Venice City (see map).
  3. always keep as much distance as possible to other boats on the water and follow the relevant rules to avoid any collision.
  4. children under 10 needs to wear life jackets all the time. Life jackets are not for swimming.
  5. no waste to be disposed of into the water.
  6. please note that the Charterer and passengers are obligated to limit noise to a reasonable during the whole duration of the trip.
  7. please leave nature the way you found it, unless you see something out of the ordinary, then please report it. Leave no trace!
  8. It is the responsibility of the Charterer to inform Classic Boats Venice if the boat is not going to deliver it back before paid time or before closing time. Should Classic Boats Venice deem it necessary to start a search for the boat, the expenses in connection with this is charged to the Charterer.
  9. In the event of the vessel breaking down/lose battery power, the Charterer shall notify Classic Boats Venice to arrange the immediate return of the vessel.
  10. Classic Boats Venice is not obligated to cover expenses in case of cancellation due to weather conditions or lack of available boats as a result of theft, damaged or the like. Any fee and potential deposit paid by the Charterer will be refunded.

For anything not expressly established in this contract reference is made to the laws in force in Italy; the parties acknowledge that the contract is subject to Italian law.

Any dispute arising out of this contract shall be referred to the Court of Venice.

The boat is equipped with a GPS system and the route of the boat will be followed for security reasons only. The GPS data will be kept according to the laws and regulations in force in Italy.

The data will be kept, processed and managed in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and of EU Regulation no. 679/2016.

  • All prices are including 22% VAT.
  • We accept the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Debit Card.
  • The full amount for the chosen adventure is withdrawn in advance, as soon as the purchase is completed. However, it is possible to cancel, which you can read about in our cancellation policy.
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