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Classic Boats Venice offers authentic Lagoon experiences with electric drive and style

Venice 20.01.2020 – Completely new perspectives on  Serenissima and its lagoon offers Classic Boats Venice S.a.s. (CBV). From Certosa, the owner-managed company rents out Venetian wooden boats with electric propulsion and lovingly renovated design classics for self-driving and cruising. Tours through nature, history and culinary delights of the lagoon show the inexhaustible wealth of forms of the region that is worthy of protection.

By founding Classic Boats Venice Carl Georg Zwerenz, Munich entrepreneur with Viennese roots, has made his lifelong love of beautiful boats his profession. His hand-picked fleet of classic boats carries travelers as stylishly as they do safely through the 550 square kilometers of water landscape at the gates of Venice. “Cruising the lagoon with our boats is certainly something new for all travelers to Venice, no matter how long they have known the city,” explains Carl, as everyone in Certosa calls him, his offer. “The special thing about Classic Boats Venice is probably a special mixture, which is nourished from very different sources: a deep respect for the Venetian tradition, the highest demands, to give our guests wonderful hours, enthusiasm for technology, the will for sustainability and a big pinch of adventurousness.”

CBV offers various possibilities for enjoyment on the water:

Drive yourself on a traditional Venetian wooden boat with a GPS


Traditional Venetian wooden fishing boats form the bareboat charter fleet of CBV. If you want to be your own captain, rent one of these boats with electric drive, which you can drive without a boat license. Thanks to easy handling and careful instruction, even beginners can easily steer them. A special gimmick: self-drivers receive navigation assistance from a professional navigation device that guides them safely through the lagoon on pre-programmed routes.

Each bareboat comes from the lagoon and was either newly built for Classic Boats Venice or bought second hand and extensively renovated in the CBV workshop. All bareboats are powered by modern electric motors of the Torqeedo® brand, which enable a relaxed, almost completely silent ride.

Design, dolce vita, luxury: tours with the CBV Vintage Selection


The more powerful boats of the Vintage Selection are hand-picked historical unique pieces of international provenance – differently sized and differently motorized. CBV‘s offer for these boats ranges from individual rides with your own driver, guided tours with a guide along the culture, history, culinary and local cuisine to sunset dinners on the boat and overnight stays on the water.

One of the stars of the Vintage Selection – and one of the oldest sailing boats in the lagoon – is the 126-year-old Admiral’s Launch Lady Betty. In 1894, she was built in England as a steamship to bring the Admiral of Queen Victoria from shore to his ship. “The Lady Betty is perhaps the best example of the mission to which we are committed” explains CBV owner Zwerenz. “We want to combine what is old, beautiful and worth preserving with what is good and future-oriented. Therefore, we had the Lady Betty extensively renovated by Dennett Boat Builders and converted to a modern hybrid drive by Thames Electric. That is why we also run our own workshop on Certosa to maintain the boats. And we are planning further steps to make our fleet even more environmentally friendly in the future. “

A proven concept with a promising future


Zwerenz has already tested the CBV business model in the summer of 2018. 2019 was then optimized and, due to high demand, the concept of guided tours was expanded. “Now we are ready for the 2020 season” rejoice Carl Georg Zwerenz and his team.

For 2020, CBV has launched a project together with the German hybrid engine specialist Amperetta to set a good example in Venice by equipping the first larger motorboat with a latest-generation hybrid drive. The first milestone on the way to more sustainability on the water is to be presented in time for the start of the season.

All information about booking, tours and boats can be found at

About Classic Boats Venice

Classic Boats Venice is Venice’s first address for charter boats, the rental of Venetian wooden boats with electric motor and lovingly renovated classics of boat design. The company was founded in 2018 by Carl Georg Zwerenz and has its own boatyard dedicated to the maintenance and renovation of the historic boats. For beginners as well as experienced skippers, CBV offers grandiose travel experiences against the breathtaking scenery of the Serenissima and lagoon: As a self-driver with navigation device, with driver or with guide within one of the guided tours. Extras up to a relaxed sunset dinner can be booked additionally. Seven employees and a sophisticated booking platform ensure smooth organization and maximum service from booking to mooring.


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