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"Nobody’s Perfect"


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The perfect lagoon adventure boat

The perfect lagoon adventure boat

Nobody's Perfect

Nobody's Perfect

Vintage Selection

People: 20 (+ driver)

Length: 17.50 MT

Year: 1978

Power: 180 HP

For meals on board this is the perfect boat

This beautiful all wooden fishing trawler, was built in 1978 in Bordeaux, France. It is the last of this type of wooden fishing boats to be used on the Atlantic Coast.

Nobody’s Perfect was built completely out of 4,5 cm Iroko planks. Later she was altered for private usage and today you can enjoy her as fun boat for having a lagoon adventure.

With Nobody’s Perfect you can also add kayaking or SUP, swimming or just cruisre around in areas which are hard to reach with other boats. This trawler has a large stainless-steel kitchen sitting on her huge aft deck and inviting adventurers of all ages to have a meal after a day out kayaking. This is the perfect boat for cruising the lagoon, seeking adventure, dinner tours or for people who would like to go swimming with their family.

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Adventure Tour

with SUP (no guide) Northern/Southern Lagoon
9:00am – 16:00pm

Guests will travel aboard Nobody’s Perfect through the lagoon where the boat will be anchored for an SUP session. Guests will have the chance to enjoy drinks, snacks, the sun, listen to music with our Bluetooth Speakers or have a paddle session on our SUP boards. Guests can also add a 3 course meal, kayak tour with guide for a truly complete unforgettable lagoon experience.

Included: Captain, 4 SUP boards with paddle extra crew, snacks, water, soft drinks, two bottles Prosecco, towels.

Extra*(On Request): Kayak guide and Kayaks or 350 € per day, Bathing Towels 5€ per piece, Extra wine, each additional hour 200 € up to 10 hours maximum. Meal on board prepared by our chef.

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Searching Availability…

Searching Availability…

Fact sheet
 Engine = Renault/Mercedes
 Power = 180 hp
 Length of the boat = 17,50 meters
 How many guests can board? = up to 20 persons
 Can you eat on board? = For meals on board this is the perfect boat
 Toilet on board? = Yes.
 Shower on board? = yes, one inside the bathroom and one at the bathing
 Cabin on board? = Yes, with comfortable benches with full leather cushions
 Bed/rest zone on board? = Yes.
 Kitchen on board? = Yes.
 Rain protection? = Yes.
 Sun protection? = Yes.

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