New Food and Boat Experience with Hostaria in Certosa by Alajmo

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” — George Bernard Shaw.

A visit to Italy is a combination of beauty, joy, and love. These three feelings can be felt most especially in Italy at the table while sharing delicious food with friends and family. The diverse cuisine of this beautiful land tells the stories of a country with a rich history. Each region shares unique dishes using ingredients that represent the story of the people. From Sicily, to Naples, Rome, Florence, and Venice culinary surprises are waiting at every corner.


One Team that has been exploring these gastronomic wonders of Italy by combing modern takes on classic dishes is Alajmo. Known for their brilliant restaurants including the Michelin-starred restaurants Le Calandre and Ristorante Quadri. Alajmo continues to innovate pushing the boundaries of food experience with their latest offering in combination with Classic Boats Venice. The ‘Alajmo Boat Experience at Hosteria Certosa’ gives guests the chance to enjoy local Venetian food prepared by one of Alajmo’s excellent chefs while enjoying the lagoon of Venice from a beautiful classic boat.


Master Chef Silvio Giavedoni has prepared a sophisticated and modern take on Venetian food for this one-of-a-kind experience. Guests can choose from two menus; each menu consists of four diverse courses. The ‘Classic Menu’ is a homage to traditional Venetian cuisine and the ‘Lagoon Menu’ is a modern take on Venetian cooking. Each menu combines seasonal ingredients to make creative flavors and is presented in the way Alajmo is famous for.


The wine menu has been carefully selected by Alajmo’s in-house sommelier to match the menu of your choice. Alajmo has selected wines to satisfy every palette, in three categories; ‘Alajmo Wines’ which are wines from Alajmo’s vineyards, ‘Italian on Tour’ wines from around Italy, and ‘Vive La France’, a selection of fine wines from France.


On the ‘Alajmo Boat Experience at Hosteria Certosa’ guests can choose between two exclusive boats from Classic Boats Venice: ‘Jandona’ or ‘Nobody’s Perfect’. ‘Jandona’ is a classy Italian wooden yacht from 1968, complete with two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a luxurious living room, and a spacious deck. This stunning vintage yacht can welcome six guests on board for a sit-down menu and can sit up to twelve people for an apéritif cruise in the lagoon of Venice.


For a sportier and laid-back drive through the lagoon of Venice, ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ is a great choice. Built in 1978, this lovely wooden former French Fishing Trawler is spacious and gives each person the feeling that they are floating on the water due to its unique hull construction. Completely restored in 2023, on board, you will now find a bathroom, and a spacious deck, with an open kitchen where guests can watch as an Alajmo chef prepares their food. ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ can host up to twelve guests for a sit-down menu and up to twenty guests for a relaxing apéritif with friends.

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