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Classic Boats Venice

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La Repubblica

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A wonderful way to see a different
side to Venice
I highly recommend Classic Boats Venice. The boats are classic Viennese craft and are so easy to drive. The navigation system is essential and again, simple to follow. It was great to get away from the crowds on the canals and explore the lagoon, full of bird life, local people enjoying the beaches and the views back to Venice.

Outstanding Experience!
This is a great way to experience Venice. Great service, fantastic group of guys. You get nice bottle of Proseco, little Bluetooth speakers, umbrella and big smiles. You can’t go in the central or grand canals, but it doesn’t matter because you get to see other parts of Venice. I highly recommend this if you have time or want to get away from tourist. Not to be missed!!

Best thing to Do in Venice!
We had a great time cruising around Murano in our own boat. This was such a great way to escape the crowds on Venice. The boat provided was perfect, though not fast.
Give yourself two or three hours at a minimum; it takes time to get across the open water. I highly recommend this outfit, they do a fantastic job of setting you up for a fun trip.

Sunshine231221, from TripAdvisor



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