Kick Plastic Out 2.0

MARCH 28TH 2020

Kick Plastic Out is Back!

Kick Plastic Out united local Venetians, local businesses, students and tourists. This amazing event’s message is one of unity for the common cause to be more environmentally responsible in a city thatisin a direct battle with the effects of Climate Change.


The Story

On March 23rd 2019, Classic Boats Venice and Venice Calls started their lagoon clean-up initiative known as Kick Plastic Out. With the help of Paolo Poggi, Venezia FC, Veritas and Venice Kayak they were able to clean over 2 tons of garbage in the lagoon of Venice. According to Veritas, Kick Plastic Out set a record for most garbage collected by a single clean-up initiative. The event had over 350 volunteers participating from Venice and representing 15 different countries.

Kick Plastic Out 2.0

The event was such a huge success, that many volunteers have asked Classic Boats Venice and Venice Calls to do it again. On Saturday March 28th, 2020. Kick Plastic Out 2.0 will happen. Kick Plastic Out seeks to build on the momentum from last year, to show the world that it is every communities responsibility to unite and do their part to protect this beautiful planet. But more than ever, this year’s event will also be a positive action to show the world how united the citizens of Venice are after the catastrophic effects of the storm from November that devasted so much of our beloved lagoon and city of Venice.

Sebastiano Cognalato from Venice Calls said, “We wanted to create an event that shone a light on all of the issues we are having in Venice, but to make a statement that we as citizens of Venice are proactive and we desire to make a life permanently here. One that is peaceful, free from pollution, free from an overreliance on tourism and one that helps evolve Venice into the city that our generation wishes to live in.”


When, Where and Logistics


The Start

The event will start from Campo Gesuiti at 10:00 AM. Members from Venice Calls will be in the square ready to assist volunteers to the locations for the clean-up. Volunteers will be separated into different teams spread out to 5 different areas across the lagoon. These clean up points include: Secca San Pietro, Secca San Michele, Secca Sant’Alvise and Murano.

The transport

The volunteers will be transported by handcrafted Venetian boats equipped with electric engines provided by Classic Boats Venice, boats provided by the team from Venice Callsor paddle on kayaks with Venice Kayak. Groups will transport back and forth the garbage they collect to the drop off point where Veritas will provide its collection boat. The organizers for Kick Plastic Out 2.0 will provide each team with gloves, clean-up materials and bags to get the job done.


The end

The organizers for Kick Plastic Out 2.0 will provide each team with gloves, clean-up materials and bags to get the job done. At 15:00 the bell will be sounded to signal the end of Kick Plastic Out 2.0and teams will meet back at Campo Gesuitifor a final record from Veritas on how much garbage was collected.

Kick the Party In 2.0

At 19:30, Kick Plastic Out 2.0 transforms to Kick the Party In 2.0 on the beautiful island of Certosa. With the help of Vento di Venezia, the marina of Certosa, the volunteers will be able to celebrate their success with an amazing party that will feature rock bands, DJs, art, food and an Aperitivo. Alberto Sonino the owner and founder of Vento di Venezia is very positive about the future of Venice, “With actions like Kick Plastic Out 2.0, we are very optimistic to see how much the youth care about the future of Venice, this is part of our message of the island, to give a space, a place for the youth. To give them the opportunity to express themselves and we are just happy to support them as much as possible.”



The Clean Up Points:

  • Secca San Pietro
  • Secca San Michele
  • Secca Sant’Alvise
  • Murano

A Day for Connecting with Humanity

The whole clean-up will be a great day out to connect with people from Venice and the world to connect with city herself. Carl Georg Zwerenz, the owner of Classic Boats Venice and majority owner of Venice Kayak believes that connections with the city are vital to the salvation for Venice. “I myself am from Vienna but have always had a connection with the city. It is impossible to not fall in love with Venice. I think that the beauty of Kick Plastic Out is that it gives a voice to the people of this city to show how much they care for it, while sharing this energy with foreigners like myself who also want to see this city protected from external factors such as mass tourism and pollution.”

With problems of unsustainable tourism, rising rents and decreasing opportunities for the youth the Kick Plastic Out team also seek to promote youth action. To increase opportunities for the youth and to make this a city for its citizens not for tourists alone.


Kick Plastic Out is also working this year with a number of new partners, who have been very supportive to make this event possible. Grand Hotel Dei Dogi has provided Kick Plastic Out with communication for the event as well as access to their beautiful hotel for the press event for Kick Plastic Out 2.0. The team at Grand Hotel Dei Dogi have been committed to green and clean initiatives for the past 2 years. Their support comes from a love for the city. Their staff is consistently involved in events to support the city and they communicate these efforts to their clients. Hotel Heureka has been very kind in offering staff to volunteer with the clean-up efforts as well as bartenders to serve up their delicious cocktails for Kick the Party In 2.0. They have been an active supporter of Kick Plastic Out. Select the official Aperitivo of Venice has been very gracious in offering their amazing aperitif to the volunteers to get the party started after the clean-up.

Power to The People

Kick Plastic Out 2.0 works because of people who care. When you have people, who care our world becomes a much more beautiful place to live in. The whole Kick Plastic Out team is looking forward to welcoming all volunteers which should be an epic day of gratitude and celebration to the city who gives so much to everyone, Venice.

It’s your Venice, now let’s clean her up!

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