Hybrid Solutions with Amperetta

Hybrid Solutions with Amperetta

As the autumn season begins, Classic Boats Venice is still making waves with innovation, well figuratively speaking, we try to avoid making literal waves in the water. Classic Boats Venice has teamed up with the team from Amperetta using their unique hybrid drive for Sweet Molly. Now luxury meets modern sophistication in Venice. The project is finally coming to an end as Sweet Molly will be ready for rental with her new hybrid drive next season. Go silent and in style. The first test drives have gone smoothly.

Small hybrid module

For diesel engines up to 300 BHP - Measures: ca. 340 mm, Ø 210 mm height, 57,2 kg
20 kW

Large hybrid module

For diesel engines up to 450 BHP - Measures: ca. 370 mm, Ø 340 mm height, 66,1 kg
50 kW

In honor of this amazing collaboration for a greener and cleaner Venice we decided to speak with Amperetta’s ‘Managing Partner’ Andreas Münster, to discuss as well as settle debates like Coke vs Pepsi and the GOAT of the NBA.

…it is compact, powerful, reliable, easy to use, very quiet – and safe. Its design is quite simply beautiful – just what Venice deserves.

…sorry, cannot talk about technical details. But I can say this: automotive grade components of high reliability, digitally integrated with and monitored by our electronic control unit for seamless performance. More than five years of dedication and hard work.

Venice has all we need:

  • The application requirements – next generation propulsion systems with combined sustainability, reliability and performance
  • The radiance – Venice is a great spot to show the world how our system performs and the perfect place to welcome people to share the experience and enjoy one of the most amazing cities in the world at zero emission.
  • CBV – The partnership with CBV is essential for amperetta, a shared vision for a better future and the will to work hard towards it
  • Not the least – Sweet Molly, with her classic lines and timeless beauty. What better fit could there be for our system to make something this beautiful ever prettier.

Definitely, amperetta hybrid-drive (AHD) was designed with workboat cycles in mind. Periods of slow to medium speeds in the comfort and efficiency of near silent electric drive combined with high performance for commutes to the mainland at higher speed, utilizing the combustion engines where necessary. AHDs failsafe design, highest safety standards, compact build of the hybrid module – getting the most out of the expensive real estate of the boat, maximizing traveling comfort, day in, day out.

As mentioned before, two main contributing factors came into play: Our first project in Venice needed a partner with devotion and vision – which we found in CBV. We also needed a boat like no other to raise the attention the project deserves. We could not have dreamed of a better boat than Sweet Molly. Another contributing factor has come to pass: With Sweet Molly, amperetta can demonstrate, that even an 80 year old historic vessel can be equipped with a next-gen propulsion system. Our design is modular and made for refit as well as new builds. You do not have to design a boat around the requirements of AHD, but AHD can adjust to fit into many, many existing vessels.

In short – yes. Let me explain. Venice is a special place, not only because of its beauty, culture, history and hospitality of its people, but also in very technical terms. Versatility and durability are only two aspects that characterize the requirements for boats in the lagoon area. Boats are everywhere, for transport of goods and wares, services and passenger transport alike, travelling the narrow canals within city limits as well as around its perimeter and even into the open waters outside the lagoon. A vessel in this environment that shines in as many scenarios as possible needs to be a chameleon of sorts. Amperetta delivers: Quiet and efficient at slow speed cruising as well as powerful, harsh sea condition defying performance, uncompromising reliability and comfort. Venice is both a dream and nightmare of every spec sheet designer. When car manufactures want to take their vehicles to the limits, they test drive in the arctic as well as in the desert. For boats, Venice can offer a lot to put a boat to the test, pretty much everything, except icebergs, maybe…

…the people of Venice and atmosphere of the city, most of all. Watching the city live in the slightly less touristy places wake up in the mornings, people going about their daily business, getting together in the evenings… During our project with CBV I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of what I believe is the “true Venetian” life, for me a deeply emotional experience. I do not know any Italian, but spending several working weeks in the city, I feel like I have to add a “yet”, as I would like to dive into the life in Venice much more and know at least enough Italian to show my admiration for Venice and join in. Well, the rest of my answer could be from a few months back: Great history, great food, cool shopping opportunities, sunny weather… page one of every other travel magazine. Still true, but not quite number one on my list anymore…

Oh yes, I have. Seafood of various kinds, the little pieces of bread with a multitude of delicious toppings, fish and meat alike… (I am sorry, but I do not take to alcohol, so no wine for me…). Funnily enough: Our lunch meals at work, simple ones, mostly some pasta with various sources, with or without meat, some herbs, sometimes pesto. Nothing fancy, basic and really good. One thing that still eluded me was “ugly fish”. But I will be back for that. Food on Sweet Molly… well, we do not have a real kitchen aboard, so sandwiches with Italian salami or cheeses, hams, antipasti, fried fish… sorry, have to stop, getting too hungry.

First pick: nothing to disturb the quiet. I’d like to take in life around me as I could never do without an electric drive system that is as quiet as AHD – and there is not much out there that even comes close. So: Silenzio per favore! If I must choose. Well, for me there is no “one fits all” song. Definitely something to complement the atmosphere of quietness, nothing harsh. Friedrich Gulda once performed a very delicate little piece during a session with some of his Jazz buddies, an adaptation (probably a version he created himself) of a Bach piece, call “Air” (Friedrich Gulda: J. S. Bach – “Air” from Suite No. 3 in D major for Orchestra No. 3, BWV 1068). Check it out on Youtube. It is so subtle, delicate. Every disturbance, harsh sound would destroy the magic of it. Others tried, but never reached this masterpiece of seeming simplicity and beauty. Just the right thing to put the quietness of AHD to a test. Ok, too solemn? I could settle for “Here comes the Sun” by the Beatles, too. But softly, please.

Bugs Bunny. Seriously! But I don’t really know. I don’t think it matters as long as it is Chess…

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