How to Buy Waterbus (Vaporetto) Tickets in Venice (Venezia)

Buying waterbus tickets in Venice can seem like a daunting task, however it is much easier than you might think. A ‘Vaporetto’ as it is referred to in Venice will help you easily get around Venezia. Driving in a ‘Vaporetto’ can also be a fun way to experience the city of Venice in a fun and cheap way.

Where to Buy?


ACTV/Venezia Unica Ticket Centers


Tobacco Shops and News stands


On-board of the Waterbus

The ticket machines can be also found at these stops

  • Santa Lucia (Ferrovia/railway station)
  • Piazzale Roma (Bus Station)
  • San Marcuola
  • Rialto (Famous Fish Market)
  • Zattere
  • San Marco (most famous church in Venice)
  • San Zaccaria
  • Fondamente Nove

There is also a ticket machine at Marco Polo Airport and at the Mestre train station. According to the ACTV website, group purchases of over 60 people can be purchased at the Vela Spa Ticketing Office. For more information on group ticketing you can contact them directly via email at Online waterbus tickets in Venice can be purchased through the website If you need further information you can call +39 041 2424.

The ACTV site notes, that ACTV tickets do not work on the private waterbus Alilaguna line. However, Alilaguna is another great option to go to and from Marco Polo airport.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices for waterbus tickets in Venice vary. To start there are two sets of prices for locals and tourists. However, if you know you will be in Venice for a long time you can buy a Venezia Unica City Pass, where tickets are placed on a card with a chip digitally by a ticket agent. This card can be purchased for 60 euros and expires in 5 years. With this card you can buy a monthly pass for 37 euros. This monthly pass which is put digitally on to your Venezia Unica City Pass, will give you unlimited rides on any ACTV bus, tram or waterbus.

Children up to 6 years old ride free and do not require a ticket for transportation within Venice municipality.

Prices are listed below according to the ACTV official website.

With A Venezia Unica /IMOB Pass

This ticket is only valid in Venice for 75 minutes from moment of validation.

If you know you need more time out on the lagoon this can used for up to 100 minutes from moment of validation.

This ticket can be bought on board and is good for up to 75 minutes.

This booklet allows for 10 trips and each trip only needs a single validation for every 75 minutes.

This booklet allows for 10 trips and each trip only needs a single validation for every 100 minutes.

Without A Venezia Unica/IMOB Pass

This ticket is only valid in Venice for 75-minutes from moment of validation.

Keep in mind without the Venezia Unica pass, tickets can be expensive. They do offer tourist passes. Which include one day passes, two-day, three-day and week long passes. All passes are good on ACTV waterbuses, trams and buses within Venice and Mestre. If you know you will use the waterbus a lot spending a few extra bucks for the longer passes can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Other items to know about waterbus tickets in Venice

  • Waterbuses do run 24 hours but with limited service after hours.
  • Remember to always validate your waterbus ticket in Venice or you could be asked to pay a fine. Never forget to pay for a ticket. Even though you think a ticket agent may not catch you. Venice will appreciate that you bought the ticket. If you are caught without a ticket the ticket agents will give you a hefty fine.
  • When you enter the waterbus please take off backpacks and hold them, as you should make as much space as possible for others to move.
  • Please do not eat food or drink alcohol on the waterbus.
  • Try not to speak too loudly as this could disturb people seating next to you.
  • Lastly, always offer your seat to people in need including pregnant women, the elderly and the sick.


Image credits VeneziaUnica – ACTV

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