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"Fata Buona"

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A sporty opportunity to have fun in the lagoon
in style like a Venetian.

A sporty opportunity to have fun in the lagoon in style like a Venetian.

Fata Buona

Fata Buona

Vintage Selection

Persons: 8 (+ driver)

Length: 8 MT

Year: 1980

Power: 250 HP

For picnics it is a perfect boat

This beautiful motorboat was built in the early 1980s in Venice by Cantiere di Crea as a guest launch boat.

The structure of the boat was built out of marine plywood and mahogany. The restoration of her was completed in 2021. A simple easy to drive and fun boat that combines the wooden craftsmanship of Venice with the sensible Venetian design for a wonderful experience in the lagoon.

It is by far more special than all the modern plastic boats and gives the typical feeling of a classic motorboat. This is the perfect boat for self-drive customers cruising in the lagoon, anchoring, swimming, sunbathing or to use it as a tour boat with one of our captains.

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Fact sheet
– Engine = Hyundai Seasall
– Power = 250 hp
– Length of the boat = 8,00 meters
– How many guests can board? = up to 8 persons
– Can you eat on board? = For picnics it is a perfect boat
– Toilet on board? = No.
– Shower on board
– Cabin on board? = Yes, with comfortable benches and cushions
– Bed/rest zone on board? = No, except the aft deck where two persons can
– Kitchen on board? = No.
– Rain protection? = Yes.
– Sun protection? = Yes.

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