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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking & Confirmation

For Small Boats

If one of our boats is free, it’s no problem to rent one directly at our counter on Certosa Island.

-If you wish to cancel your adventure, this is done by sending an e-mail to containing your full name and booking ID (see booking confirmation).


1. Notify us with at least 24 hour notice of cancellation to the reservation.

 2. 95% of the total amount shall be refunded with a cancellation made before 24 hours, in case of bad or extreme weather the total amount shall be refunded or credit for another date, based on the opinion of the CBV staff.

 3. If your party is more than 15 minutes late for your reserved departure time your boat may be given to another party.


  1. When you cancel 31 days prior to the day of your booking 95 % of the total cost will be refunded.
  2. Between 30 and 15 days prior, 75% will be refunded
  3. Between 14 days and 8 days prior, 50 % will be refunded.
  4. Between 7 days and 48 hours prior, 25% will be refunded.
  5. Between 48 hours and 12 hours prior, 10% will be refunded
  6. Bookings, which are cancelled within 12 hours will not be refunded.
  7. In the case of extreme weather conditions, which is in CBV’s own discretionary, we will set in consultation and without additional charge, a new date of your choosing or refund of your payment will be done.

You must arrive 15 minutes before departure. This is to ensure that there is time enough for you to get instructions on safety and how the boat is controlled.

You will find our prices under the BOOK button.

You can easily book your adventure clicking on the BOOK button.

Boat & The Adventure

For Small Boats

Our boats have space for up to 6 people.

Yes. Everybody gets a life jacket in the right size before the trip.

Yes. We have life jackets down from 5 kg body weight.

Every boat is individual, but all of them are around 7 meters length.

Yes, but only if they are swimmers 🙂

No. The boat must always be brought back to our rental station.

You can drive the boat across most of the Lagoon of Venice. The boat may not be taken beyond Lido Island (Open Water) or into Venice City (Main Island). You will receive details from our maps, navigation systems and instructors.

All our boats are equipped with GPS Tracker to locate you in an emergency.

Further Questions? – +39 041 5236720

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