Core Values Redefined

A new message from our Team Captain and Owner

A new statement from our team captain and owner


Like many of us, this time of retreat into the privacy of one’s home also allowed me to take old views of life into consideration and think about changes.

During this time, I became aware that the actual motivation, my enthusiasm, for the Classic Boats Venice venture, lies a little deeper than the core values communicated initially at the start of the project 2 years ago. Yes, the promotion of crafts, sustainability and “making people smile” will continue to be at the forefront of what we do at CBV!

But, to add another link, there is something else that constitutes the value of “Classic”. Of course not to get lost in yesterday or to negate the value of something new. Rather, in my new understanding and appreciation of “Classic” has come for me to mean a deeper sense of interaction between people like in years before the rush of modernity separated us. We want to offer the experience that we make possible for you, our customers, via the old-fashioned way from person to person. In this time of “social distancing” and the enormous invasion as well as the overreaching power of social media and AI in all of our lives, it is my concern to provide a space for the rediscovery of a direct, authentic experience.

Our tools, classic wooden boats, tour programs, restaurant recommendations and even our next ideas coming up soon (yes we have plenty surprises in mind) are only means to create a setting of special beauty – because that is part of it as well – where you can spend one or more days far away from the beeps and popups of the digital world. With our offer we would like to provide you, dear customers, with ideas for the most enjoyable day possible, in which the classic values – the beauty of our boats, the enthusiasm of our staff to meet and look after you, but above all the irretrievable charisma of Venice, all the looking, speaking, tasting, smelling and feeling – to create the kind of happiness that a perfect day leaves behind. Enjoy in style, with all your senses the genuine and unmediated experience! This is the appeal that resonates in the term „classic “.

To put it simply we want to give you the experience to allow your senses to take a day off from the digital overload in order to experience the reality of a truly classic experience to its fullest extent again.

If you are open to this, we would be delighted to see you soon, to experience Venice the Classic way, on our Classic Boats.

Owner/Captain Carl Zwerenz

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