Cinema Services

The Cinema and The Magic of Venice

Venice is perhaps one of the most cinematic cities in all the world. From beautiful buildings and monuments like Sant Mark’s square to picturesque canals, Venice offers many oppurtunties to create movie magic. But navigating in Venice can be difficult. Our team is ready to help you and your crew with our cinema services.


The Cinema and The Magic of Venice

With over 20 years film experince, our team has worked on projects that include Spike Lee’s ‘The 25th Hour‘, ‘The Tourist’ and more. Our boats have been featured in several, ad campaigns, commercials, music videos and movies, including ‘Aqua di Parma’s’ 2019 wedding campaign‘, ‘Longines’ 2020 Venice campaign, the 2021 film ‘Across the River, into the Trees‘ and more.


Our Services

Our cinema services include, offering our vintage/luxury boats along with a professional driver, stunt boat driving expertise, location scouting services and pre-production advice.

Assitance and Advice

Classic Boats Venice is happy to offer assitance and advice to make your film shoot perfect in Venice. Please email us here for your cinema services requests today.

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