10 Questions for Boating in the lagoon!

Working at Classic Boats Venice, our team is dedicated to sharing their experiences and knowledge of the lagoon. One of the cool aspects about our team is that they bring with them loads of different backgrounds, opinions and information to make what we do at CBV that more special. We asked our team a few questions about the lagoon, so that our guests may have more insight as well as to get to know our team better. The answers may surprise, help and make you laugh. Enjoy!

Here are the 10 questions we asked for Boating in the lagoon!










Jean Paul

1. Why should people rent a Classic Boat in Venice?

To experience the outstanding. The sun on your skin, the wind in your hair and the freedom of sailing your own boat in the surroundings of a wonderful landscape.

Its silent and slow , new and eco.

You should rent a boat because is a incredible experience.

Because it is stylish, elegant and happy way to see Venice.

It really is the best way to see the lagoon of Venice and when you add a Classic Boat it just becomes an unforgettably romantic experience.

2. What is the craziest thing you saw while driving through the lagoon?

In a negative sense the cruise ships. Those are crazy. But best crazy experience was to see the Vogalonga.

People cruising with jetski.

A dolphin in bacino di San Marco.

Pink gondola.

I don’t know if it was crazy but it was funny, a Venetian teenager in a speedo disco dancing while his friend was driving really fast, the whole event left me perplexed, wondering, why is a 17-year-old kid into disco music in 2019 and dude why the speedo? My eyes!

3. Is it really tough drive an electric boat in the lagoon of Venice?

You would think so, yes, and indeed, it was exciting. But then, after all – a lot easier than I thought in the first place.

Not at all.

It is really simple to drive a electric in the lagoon if you respect the law.

It is easy, but crazy drivers on fast boats...

I am terrible in just about any leisure activity, I am an expert in failure. But with these boats I can’t fail! The one thing I am good at is always failing but these boats are so easy to use it is impossible to make big mistakes. Also, our team explains really well on how to use the boats.

4. What happens when you need to pee on our Classic Boats?

Either change the subject of your thoughts or just jump – preferably anywhere on land to rush searching for a restroom, but in case of an unavoidable emergency into the water for a hasty swim.

Use the buket, that we provide in future, if there is none use the bailing device (sessola).

If you need too pee you jump in the water in a safety place and you do it.

It is possible to pee outside.

You can always moor to the side and find a restaurant or café and use their facilities. Or just go overboard and um, yea, let it loose. Venetians told me they always pee in the lagoon, not my favorite option however it does help when jellyfish bite you. So pee away!

5. What was your best boating experience in Venice?

A tour up and down the Brenta channel on Sweet Molly – with my beloved husband and very dear friends of ours.

Sleep in the boat overnight.

Sailing in the middle in the night.

The Lagoon is magical, it is always beautiful experience, every experience is awesome.

My favorite boating experience was one with my now dear friend and former CBV teammate Benjamin, after a very hot, hard day of work we drove on our awesome service boat Fata Buona to Lido and anchored swimming in what felt like the most refreshing water talking about life. The lagoon can make you super introspective and spiritual. You may even become a guru after swimming in it. Can you say OM?

6. What is your favorite place in the lagoon to drive to?

I love the enchanting atmosphere of the islands of the northern lagoon, especially the colored houses of Burano and the sight of it’s more than slightly inclined steeple.


My favourite place in the lagoon is the bacan.

Inside Torcello island.

Lido and Punta Sabbioni, I love surfing, so in the winter and late autumn there are wonderful long waves to have fun on in these two spots. Not the biggest waves but still surfable. When you go as long as I do without waves, any movement in the water is heaven! Any Movement in the Water is also the name of my next R&B Soul album.

7. If you could have one famous actor or actress on your classic boat tour who would you like to welcome?

Helen Mirren on Lady Betty – or on Sweet Molly.

Steve Mc Queen.

Emma Thompson.

Tilda Swinton.

Eddie Murphy, would love to drive with him on a Riva playing loudly the theme music from Beverly Hills Cop! #AxelFoley

8. If you had only one album you could play on your boat tour, what would it be?

Perhaps Jack Johnson “on and on” – but probably I’d prefer the sounds of the lagoon itself, birds and silence.

None, I want nature no music.

Future classics.

Madonna – MDNA.

Gojira’s L’Enfant Sauvage, it is the French extreme metal equivalent to Venice’s Tintoretto.

9. Where and what is your favorite restaurant in the lagoon?

Only one favorite? Come on! Ok – Villa Laguna, the terrace at sundown – not because of the food and service – both is excellent – but because of the view, which is breathtaking.

The Restaurant Ponte di Diavolo, Torcello.

In Mazzorbo la Maddalena.

Burano, Gatto nero.

Burano, Gatto nero and my mom’s house! (Call me for reservations).

10. Coke vs Pepsi?

Sparkling water! Get rid of the madness of sugar orgies or worse: of artificial sweeteners. But if I had to choose: Coke.




Coke all day long! (Root-Beer too if possible, if you did not figure it out by now I am American).

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